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Tuesday, April 4. 1704.

Numb. 9.

I Am content to hear some Reflections on this Paper, on Account of the earnest Care I have taken to represent the French Greatness in its proper Dimensions, and set our Enemies in a true Light, it being equally Injurious to us, as a People, to believe them either too big, or too little.

It no way disturbs me, to hear my self call’d a Jacobite, a Frenchman, and sometimes a Papist; one that exposes the Nakedness of the Confederacy; betrays the Weakness of our Friends, and the like.

But ’tis a singular satisfaction to me, That pursuant to the first Design, I can yet hear no body contradict it, as to Truth of Fact, or charge me with Falshood and Partiality.

This, together with the usefulness of my Design satisfies me also, with respect to the meanness of the manner, and the Work of Writing a Peny Paper, which as it is only writing a History sheet by sheet, and letting the World see it as I go on, does no way lessen the real Value of the Design, however low such a step may seem to be. [Read more →]

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