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Tuesday, May 23. 1704.

Numb. 23.

WE told you in our last, of a Trial at Law, at the Queen’s Bench Bar at Westminster, about a Gentleman’s Assassinating another in the Street, after having twice Challeng’d him, once for himself, once for another Man – and that on a full Tryal, the Assassin was Fin’d 200 Marks, and the other 100 Pounds.

Our Scandalous Club brings a Case before them of another Gentleman, who stabb’d an Honest Man into the Back, as he was going up Stairs.

I have related both these Stories, in Order to compare our Proceedings in such Cases in England, and to shew how much more Justice is to be had in like Cases in France: Not that I would too highly applaud the French Justice, but I should be glad to make an Essay towards an Act of Parliament, for better settling this Matter in our English Laws.

As to Challenging, Assassinating, and the like, the first would have been immediate Death without Mercy, as we have seen in various Instances already, as to Assaulting a Man in the Street with Cane and Sword, endeavouring to force him to fight; I shall not pretend to say what the Court of Honour in France would have awarded in such a Case, but this I can tell, that they have been very severe in like Cases. [Read more →]

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