Many people have contributed to this project. We want to thank the design team from the Instructional Technology department at St. Edward’s University: Lisa Barnett, Christopher Martinez, Jason Rosenblum, Matthew Vance, Matt Strmiska and Bob Apthorpe.

St. Edward’s University has contributed financially to this project in the form of Presidential Excellence Grants in the summers of 2006 and 2007, and in making faculty, staff and student workers available. Dean of Humanities Lou Brusatti has helped fund the participation of student interns, which has made this project possible.

This work has also been supported, in part, by a Department of Education Title V grant.

The library staff at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas has been consistently gracious and helpful.

Student interns Steven Garcia, Lucia Rose, Elissa Rodgers, Rafael Trujillo, Zöe Triska, Laura Maddaford and Leo Salvador have put in many hours transcribing the text used in this edition from the copy text at the Ransom Center, and formatting files for internet presentation.

A TG (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation) “Interns for Success” grant has helped fund student intern participation.

Special thanks go to Natalie Roxburgh, who was co-editor for this project for the first year of its existence.