Guidelines for Users

This edition of Daniel Defoe’s Review is intended to serve two purposes. We hope to produce a reliable text of this important early periodical which can be used by scholars for research purposes. We also hope this edition will help generate debate about Early Modern print culture, postmodern technology and the intersection of the two that sites like this are bringing about.

Here are some simple instructions for using the site.

If you simply want to read and do not feel like taking part in the discussion here, no registration is required. Simply read the posts the way you would any modern blog. Clicking on “Read full text” will open any individual Number of the Review.

Those who want to comment on the text, help annotate terms, or just to help us see what sort of readership we have are encouraged to register. Click on the “Register” button at the top left of the site’s mainpage and follow the instructions. You will be required to choose a screen name and provide an email address.

Logging in
The “Login” button is right next to the “Register” button at the top left of the mainpage.

The mainpage is designed to show the opening part of the latest three entries posted. We will be posting these in the same order, and at the same pace as Defoe published them. To read an entire entry, click on “Read full text” at the bottom of the portion of the entry displayed on the mainpage.

The “Search” box at the top right can be used to search for entries by date, word or words in any particular Number, or topic.

Some contextual information is included through the links on the left side of the mainpage.

Please use the “Comments” button for discussing any individual Number of the Review with other readers. For the discussion of terms, click the hyperlinked words in the text. This will take you to comment pages specifically devoted to proper names that occur throughout the Review. Feel free to help us annotate these terms or to generate discussions about them.